I am a piano-based singer-songwriter of easy listening, adult contemporary music. Inspired by my classical training in piano and my graduate and post-graduate study of the Italian Renaissance, I create songs that join a love of words to that of soulful expression and reflect a deeply rooted passion for music that moves the heart and mind.

Fuelled by an irrepressible inner drive to create, and by a heightened sensitivity to music that sees me transported while listening to it and profoundly fulfilled while making it, I craft songs with the intention of soothing and inspiring. Through my music, I hope to offer comforting sound, food for thought, and reason for hope.

With my album Dark Angel, I attempted to place the soul and the psyche on a fluid continuum, creating a space where opposing drives, incompatible desires and antagonistic forces converge and are overcome, shining light through the gems of adversity, and opening listeners to an ethereal and dreamlike world of alchemy and transformation. Through a rhythmic quality that captures the pulse of inner existence, the songs of this first album are meant to impact listeners on multiple levels through melodies that stimulate emotion, words that engage the mind, and percussive elements that incite the body to movement.

In 2022, I released a new single, “The Gift.” On November 13, 2023, I will release my second studio album, Little Bird, a collection of songs centered on story and accompanied by piano and strings.